Software Projects

Initial Underwater Structure Exploration Planning

The project consisted of the following elements:

  • Created a range of underwater scenes with varying simulation parameters and structures using Blender and Unity, with the development of C# scripts to generate image sets of the structure. 
  • Developed an overview JavaFX GUI to view and detail the images captured of the underwater structure, while also giving a central area of operation for the program created. 
  • Developed a 3D viewer to view the reconstructed point clouds of the underwater structure created using a photogrammetry process. 
  • Integrated and designed MATLAB image manipulation techniques to improve the visual quality of the images and the point cloud created by the photogrammetry process. 
The images below show the dataset overview part of the program with test images of a rowboat. The following two pictures show select images from an example dataset from a larger structure and the 3D viewer of the reconstructed geometry of the structure contained in the dataset.